Why You Have To Buy Cast Iron Teapot

When choosing a teapot to brew your tea you will be confronted with various types of teapots, each of which has advantages that the other does not have. But if you want to use a classic and powerful teapot for generations, Teekanne aus Gusseisen or a cast iron teapot is the right choice for you. But you also have to be careful in choosing a teapot because many don’t understand the difference between cast iron teapots and tea kettles. Cast iron teapots can be used to brew tea while kettles to heat water. For this reason, many recommend not placing cast iron teapots directly on the stove. But not all cast iron teapots cannot be used to heat water.

This cast iron teapot was first used as a tea brewer in China and Japan because previously in other countries it was used only to heat water. Known by the name Tetsubin, the cast iron teapot became one of the important equipment in the tea ceremony. You can easily find Tetsubin in stores because this type of teapot indeed has a lot of interest. Cast iron teapots that are easy to find are usually coated with enamel and equipped with an infuser basket made of stainless steel as a place to put the tea leaves that you will brew. You do not need to worry about this type of teapot design because it is available in various sizes and shapes and symbols that have different meanings. Cast iron teapot can be a beautiful decoration for your kitchen.

Many tea lovers believe that a cast iron teapot is the most appropriate tool to enjoy a cup of tea because in the process of brewing the heat will be distributed evenly so that the flavor issued by the tea will be optimal and you will get the full health benefits of tea. Cast iron teapots also release iron when in contact with heat so that it will add to the nutrition of the tea you are going to drink. But this only applies to cast iron teapots that are not coated by the enamel inside. So, if you want to have beautiful tea equipment, have various health benefits and are durable, a cast iron teapot is the most appropriate choice for you.

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