Why Is Singapore Rich?

Until now Singapore is known as a rich country. 5.6 million people in this Lion Head country have the highest per capita income. Even defeated developed countries like France, Germany, and Japan in Asia. Many entrepreneurs want to build their company here and seek help from company incorporation singapore for their business.

Singapore takes a long time to maintain its economic stability and make Singapore’s image as it is today. Singapore does not have a good source of earth minerals in the form of gold, coal, especially oil. Most countries can develop very rapidly because they are helped by non-renewable natural resources. Like petroleum.
Uniquely, Singapore proves itself as a developed country despite having no mineral assets at all.

Apparently, there were a number of factors that made the Lion Head state progress. The first reason is from the location sector or geographical location of the country of Singapore itself. It needs to be recognized and known that Singapore’s geographical position provides maximum benefits.

Not only the geographical location that provides maximum support makes Singapore a developed and wealthy country. But there are also other secret ingredients that make it known today.

The first secret recipe can be seen from the establishment of the largest and most luxurious hotel in Singapore, the Raffles Hotel.

This hotel is one of the traces left behind by the British colonials who made it into Singapore in the 18th century as noted above. Singapore is the only country in the Southeast Asian region that has not decided to give up colonialism.

In the 1980s Singapore changed its face to become the largest manufacturing site in Southeast Asia. One of the manufacturing products that became known to the world is the hard disk that was made on a large scale in this country.

Entering the new century, Singapore then gave liberal new policies to companies in the fields of finance and insurance. This policy is bearing fruit because afterward until now more and more large companies have established representative offices in Singapore. Thus opening up more cooperation and state revenue.

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