Ways To Add English Vocabulary

Here are some ways for you to make it easier to add vocabulary, especially for those of you who are beginners, before taking various tests such as TOELF, IELTS, b1 test booking, a2 english test, and others https://britishlifeskills.com/book-exam/.

1. How to Add English Vocabulary by Focusing on Topics That Are of Interest to You

Determine the topic according to your interests. It’s best to focus on one or two topics first. Then search for English literature on that topic, which can be books, films, magazines, articles on the internet, videos, podcasts & other audio. Now it’s time to read & listen (Reading & Listening). This activity must be fun because it deals with your favourite topic.

2. Following the Quiz is One Way to Add English Vocabulary.

Where can we find an English quiz? There are many sites on the internet providing English quizzes such as Merriam-Webster, Vocabulary.com, Vocab test, Cambridge-Dictionary, and many more. If possible, do the same quiz over and over again so that you can remember new vocabulary. Initially, this method might be rather difficult. Take it slow & don’t be frustrated!

3. Post-It Notes may help remember new vocabulary. Place or Paste the Area You Often See.

Post-It is usually used as a reminder of a task or work deadline. Many office workers take advantage of this small, low adhesion paper. When learning English, you can also use it to remember new vocabulary. This method is very effective you know.

4. Repeat, Repeat and Repeat. One Day This Way Will Take You To A Proficiency.

Tips for adding to the latest English vocabulary and most determining skills are repeating. What was repeated? Read & re-understand all Vocabulary lists in the Vocabulary Book.

Repeat all word lists? All? Yes, everyone. From the first Vocabulary to the last. This method will not be an obstacle if you truly understand every word you write in the Vocabulary Book. As much as adding new vocabulary, it will take a little time to remember. Repeat activities are like a review, such as Deuteronomy at school.

That is why you must understand the meaning of the new Vocabulary. If you just add words to the Vocabulary Book, a great difficulty is waiting at this final stage. Don’t you want to relax at the beginning then end with beard fire? If you keep this up, skills will stay away. Gosh!

Many students feel rather lazy to do repetition. Some reasons came out like tired, already understood the meaning of the word, lack of time, too much vocabulary, etc. Just do it & ignore these reasons. If you consistently do so, your fatigue and sacrifice certainly pay off with pride because of the vocabulary increases. The level of English has also increased. Every consistent effort is certainly beautiful in its time.

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