This Is The Meaning Of Contemporary Art According To An Expert

There are so many types of arts that we can try to make and enjoy. However, one of the most interesting branches of art is contemporary art. It is often echoed in the event of art, presenting various forms of material, methods, ideas, and concepts that bring public interest. Contemporary art refers to works in the present, emerging only in the late 20th and 21st centuries. The artists who make this type of art are called contemporary artists.

Contemporary works are influenced by global situations, cultural differences, and shifts, to technological advances, which can be displayed in a variety oaf concepts and mediums.

The director of the Delfina Foundation, Aaron Cezar explained, “Contemporary art expresses an idea or concept that is related to thought or phenomena at the present time … Every work of art can mean differently for everyone.”

Cezar mentioned that contemporary works can have references from the current political situation, romance, aesthetics, even history. Contemporary art is contextual and broad, which can range from personal identity, community, to global society.

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