Roof Can Prevent Excessive Moisture In Your Room

Apparently the roof is able to prevent the emergence of moisture in the room. With a variety of designs, the roof has an influence on the level of humidity on the exterior walls (outside) of the building, because the design and shape of the roof should be able to prevent rainwater from flooding the outside walls of your building. Meanwhile, you can visit if your crawl space is also a cause of humidity in your house and you want to repair it soon.

The roof must also be resistant to rain and weather. Various roofing materials used also affect the rate of water absorption. For this reason, so that absorption is high, the roof should be made with a steep slope. Sloping roofs make rainwater flow slower.

On roofs made of tiles, overlap or the width of the piles of each tile is very small (2-5 centimeters) so that the potential for water to enter the house is greater. Moreover, if there are strong winds blowing water into the house.

To overcome the leak due to the roof is too gentle, the first way can be done is to replace the roofing material with sheet shapes such as metal, bitumen, or fiber cement. The sheet material is generally installed with overlap or larger pile widths up to 20 centimeters. Therefore, the potential for rainwater to enter through the gap between the sheets becomes smaller.

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