Eradicate Wood Termites with These Tips!

For those of you who have a lot of wooden furniture or room decorations and wooden ornaments at home, wood termites can be a very annoying problem. Without proper handling, of course, it is only a matter of time until all the wooden furniture that you have is damaged by the act of wood termite pests. However, now you no longer need to worry about wood termite problems as long as you read more these powerful tips to eradicate the following wood termites:

1. Protect wooden furniture from wood termites with extra protection
Before being attacked by wood termites, always give extra protection to all furniture and home appliances ranging from wooden walls, ceilings, to wooden floors using special anti-creepy liquid or paint. In addition, a special anti-wood wing liquid can also be mixed with kerosene before applying it to the wood before the wood is finished finishing. That way, wooden furniture in your home will be more resistant and stronger against wood termites.

2. Maximize air circulation to avoid excess humidity
Wood termites are the easiest to breed and like places with high humidity. For that, make sure you can ensure the humidity in the house is at a reasonable level by making air ventilation or good air circulation. Also, avoid stagnant water so that the air does not easily damp and wood termites do not come to the house. Good natural lighting is also an effective way to control the humidity in the house.

3. Repair immediately any small damage to the house
Another way to prevent and eradicate termite wood pest attacks is to make sure you repair any minor damage to the house. This may sound trivial, but some minor damage to the house can trigger the presence of termites at home. For example, porous ceramic cracks can cause water vapor to enter the house and the air becomes damp. Leaking pipes are also one of the things that can cause the humidity in the house to increase. As discussed earlier, moist air can trigger the arrival of wood termites. Cracks from cracks in the wall are also one of the factors that can facilitate the presence of wood termites in the house. On you can find out about the best carpenter.

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