Eczema Causes Dry Skin

Eczema generally causes dry skin, itching and red rashes on the skin caused by inflammation of the skin. Although often found in children, eczema can also be experienced by adults. This disease can be treated with oral medications, eczema cream, and light therapy. Eczema is a general term for health conditions in which there is an inflammatory reaction on the skin that is characterized by itching, red rashes, dry skin, resilient, watery, hardening, thickening, and discoloration or often called pigmentation of the skin in several parts of the body such as the face, elbows, and in behind the knee.

The skin is the outermost organ that protects us from bacteria or other harmful agents and is filled with special cells from the immune system. These cells are responsible for protecting the skin and body from viruses, bacteria, and other threats. When these cells detect harmful substances, the skin will cause a reaction that triggers inflammation. That is why you need to use eczema cream to reduce the inflammation.

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