Do You Need Dental Implant Service?

Not everyone has a good tooth arrangement. Permanent or broken teeth interfere with comfort and beauty. You can choose dental implant technology. Dental implantation is the root of denture planted into the jaw. The process of planting is done through a minor surgical mechanism, namely by opening the gums and then making a hole in the bone with a size between 3-4 millimeters. However, you must know the right dentist because he is a specialist who helps you get dental implant care. You can visit Elite Dental Care to get dental implant services.

The teeth that will be replaced previously must have been removed, and these teeth are static and do not grow. This dental implant serves to replace a tooth that has been dated (toothless) or root-free cavities. Installation does not take a long time. The mechanism of dental installation or dental implantation of this tooth is almost like extracting teeth, which is carried out under local anesthesia and only takes about 30 minutes.

Before doing a dental implant, the patient must have a health test first. For smokers patients are expected to reduce smoking levels one week to 3 months before dental implants, some even recommended to stop altogether. For patients suffering from diabetes, you should first control their blood sugar levels.

The most important requirement is to have teeth that are healthy and thick enough because when you lose your teeth, the bones will shrink and thin out. To get the right size, grafting must be done, ie the teeth are stretched to the size of the tooth to be installed.

This dental implant is designed to replace damaged teeth with 3 components, namely: titanium implants that combine with the jaw bone, foundation or base that matches the implant that looks out from the gums, and the last tooth crown made by a restorative dentist to look natural.

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