Cold Weather Is Actually Beneficial For Our Health

When the weather is cold outside, the first thing you will definitely do is hide behind a blanket while accompanied by a cup of warm tea. Cold weather often makes the body become shivering and uncomfortable. In fact, people who have a low immune system will usually be easier to fall ill because they are not able to withstand the cold air. If you have such a condition, we recommend you to buy a gas furnace to warm your house. Additionally, you can find out more @ about some of the best gas furnaces that you can buy.

However, the cold weather was not as bad as you imagine, you know! Health experts actually reveal that cold weather has many health benefits.

Cold weather is not always bad for health, you know. Here are the various benefits of cold weather for health, including:

Burn more calories

This was proven through a study published in the 2012 Journal of Clinical Investigation. The experts involved six healthy men and measure their metabolism in cold weather, but not to shiver.

Then, the experts found that male metabolism increased to 80 percent during cold weather. The body exposed to cold air turns out to actually burn brown fat more in the body.

Reducing muscle pain

When the feet are swollen or have muscle aches, you may immediately move quickly to attach an ice pack to relieve the symptoms. Well, this cold compress works that prove that cold temperatures can help overcome inflammation and muscle pain.

When exposed to cold air, dilated blood vessels will become more relaxed and calm. As a result, the pain due to swollen feet or muscle cramps will gradually recover after the ice compress was applied.

Make skin healthy and radiant

Usually, you will experience dry and stiff skin if exposed to cold air for too long. However, you must make no mistake, cold weather can actually make your skin look healthy and radiant, you know.

Cold weather acts as an astringent that can tighten the pores of the skin. In addition, cold temperatures can also help slow down the production of natural oils or sebum so that your skin becomes more radiant and avoid acne.

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