Cash On Delivery And Authentic Photo Of Products Can Prevent Frauds

If the transaction still takes place in the same city and the seller does not want to use the joint account system, you can ask to buy goods with the cash on delivery option. The purpose of this cash on delivery is so that we can see and check directly the goods we want to buy. Apart from that, if you require professionals who can check out the possibility of frauds, we suggest you hire some of the best private investigators in your area.

For example, you buy a second HP, because you want to check the quality, then you ask the seller for cash on delivery. That way you will see whether the price offered is in accordance with the quality of the second HP sold by the seller.

In addition, you must request a photo of the original item. If you suspect the seller of fraud, try asking the seller to send a recent photo of the product you want to buy. Ask for more than one photo to make sure the seller really has the item and is not from the internet.

This trick can help you avoid the seller’s mode of sending fake goods or empty cardboard boxes containing stones that have been viral some time ago.

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