Amputation Of Diabetic Foot Can Be Happen In Young Age

Many people think foot injuries due to diabetes, which usually leads to amputation, are only experienced by people who are elderly or are not productive. But doctors deny that. Someone who is still young and productive could have experienced amputation of his feet due to diabetes and must undergo days sitting on a wheelchair cushion seat.

If the lifestyle is not healthy from a very young age, diabetes can occur to the stage of amputation. Patients who experience this usually have a fondness for drinking sweet drinks since their teens and also heredity. The process of diabetes can be faster than expected.

However, we must remember that diabetic foot amputation is not the end of the problem. As is known, diabetes is a disease that will be felt throughout life, can not be cured and can only be controlled.

Those who have been amputated should continue to improve their lifestyle and continue to control blood sugar because the risk of returning to diabetes is very likely. Their lifestyle must be changed and their glucose consumption must also be limited.

When diabetic foot pain is still in its early stages, most people tend to be ignorant. In fact, the best treatment for the diabetic foot is to overcome it as early as possible so it is not too bad.

When starting to appear signs of initial damage to the foot, such as nails that begin to turn yellow and thicken, the skin feels too dry feet, it’s good to immediately take care. We also have to keep our feet clean and keep them moist, especially the toenails.

Likewise, the eyes of the fish that will thicken again even though it is scraped off many times. If peeling skin on the feet does not carelessly cut. This can cause fungus in Just diligently clean feet with pure water or NHCL, no need to use wound medicine. Unless pus is out, immediately go to the doctor to get more appropriate treatment.

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